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Rubik´s cube - another success story.

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Take control

Either you take control of your company’s most valuable asset – or somebody else will. When you consider that counterfeit sales generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenues each year, the profit incentive is enormous.

And the stronger your brand is, the more tempting it is to copy. Once all those low-quality copies are out there, they can cause enormous damage. Yellow Brand Protection will help you take control – by detecting infringements and taking unauthorized listings down.

Make enforcement your top priority

We handle enormous volumes with consistent enforcement success rates of 95-100%.The secret? The latest technology, a great network and highly experienced staff who can often spot fakes and infringements at a glance.

Top five tips

For online Brand Protection

Numbers tell the story  We recently removed 1.2 million illegal listings on behalf of a client.

Collect evidence

There are times when you need to take counterfeiters to court. To support you, we offer a Complete Evidence Package, including incriminating data collected on the internet, test purchases and more. To help you build your case, we work closely with a network of law firms across Europe specialising in online brand abuse.

Why fight alone?

Monitoring more than 500 online marketplaces

If you do not have an online brand protection strategy, you are wide open to infringement. Yellow Brand Protection monitors daily more than 500 online marketplaces as well as websites and social media, removing unauthorized listings on behalf of our clients.